Apparently amid some pressure from their bosses, more than 150 workers at Dosha Salon and Spa's four Portland locations will be deciding March 29 and 30—that's less than two week—whether they ought to unionize and sign up with Communications Workers of America's Local 7901.

Northwest Labor Press has the scoop right here. Employees at Dosha, which is set to open another location, are looking for little bit more in their paychecks, but mostly are demanding better working conditions.

Among their reported grievances:

• There are no sick days, so when workers get sick, they must get co-workers to cover them, or work sick and expose their customers, or go to a doctor for a note.
• Employees who work full-time hours get a week’s paid vacation after a year, but if they want to use it, they’re responsible for getting co-workers to cover their shifts.
• There’s constant pressure to sell product to their customers. An esthetician, for example, is expected to sell $15 of product per customer — whether they’re paying $16 for a 15-minute brow wax or $65 for an hour-long facial. Stylists sell shampoos. Massage therapists sell oils. They get no commission for the sales, but are written up if they fail to sell enough.
• Rules can change at any time.

Not all employees are behind the effort, the article notes. Previous attempts have petered out, and management has apparently been putting on a full-court press (with Blazers tickets) against this latest effort. Although the Labor Press hasn't actually spoken with management.

Dosha would be the largest salon-type outfit in Portland with a union staff. After the jump, a list of some other union hair-cutting shops, courtesy the Labor Press.

Arman and Co Salon, 1133 SW Market St., Suite 200, Portland. 503-224-3171
Donovan’s Barber Shop, 12344 SE Division St, Portland. 503-761-977
Marshall Union Manor Salon of Beauty, 2020 NW Northrup St., Portland. 503-248-9917
Sam’s Barber Shop, 2430 SE 182nd Ave., Portland. 503-661-7989