UN Declares "No Fly Zone", Libya Declares Ceasefire: Ba-Bam! As soon as the UN Security Council voted to use military might to establish a No-Fly Zone in Libya, Qaddafi declared he would stop bombing rebels.

Four Freedoms: Qaddafi also promises to release four New York Times journalists imprisoned in Libya.

Japan Still Melting Down: A week after the quake, Japan pauses to honor the dead and workers still battle a nuclear meltdown.

Tunisia-->Egypt-->Libya-->Yemen: 30 people are killed as Yemen's military opens fire on protesters.

New Orleans Police: Pretty Terrible. A federal investigation shows that NOLA police use excessive force, make unconstitutional stops, and profile people based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

The Gender Neutral Bible: A politically-correct rewrite adds "she" and "sister" to passages that used to reference unspecified "he" and "brother".

Sad Dads: New research shows that postpartum depression affects men, too.

Polluting iPods: Your little iPod has a carbon footprint 200 times its size.

Political Propaganda: The House votes to defund NPR, in a symbolic jerk move that won't get past the Senate.

SUPERMOON: Saturday the moon will be closer to Earth than its been in 18 years.

Portland Police Told Aaron Campbell's Mom He Committed Suicide... when really he was killed by a police bullet, new court records allege.