John Mulaney is funny. There I said it.

For those of you that have never caught his act, I’ll try my best to describe him: He’s a privileged white male that’s my age—basically a guy I would date if I had higher standards and didn’t love short dudes so much. You may have seen his positive shtick on Saturday Night Live’s weekend update called “I love it” or perhaps his rant on Girl Scout Cookies. They’re good, and if you haven’t heard them before you’ll hear them tonight at Helium, most likely, as I heard them last night. I guess my only complaint is…does he have any new material? *

Okay, I’m being bitter or something. But I digress; I feel that the easiest way to get me to laugh out loud is to talk about poop/farting/hand-up-butt stuff. Mulaney delivered (just as Michael Ian Black did two weeks ago), and the crowd was happy, myself included.

*After going through many videos trying to find one to add to this review I realized that Mulaney has lots of material and it’s all pretty funny. I now understand, Portland, that he brought his greatest hits to the stage last night at Helium and will probably do the same tonight.

Last call for free tickets to tonight's show! Deadline is 3 pm.

UPDATE! Free tickets for tonight's Blogtown show are gone. Thanks for playing!