Not so sad in real life.
  • Not so sad in real life.
Hey, you guys! I went to Helium Comedy Club last night and enjoyed the crap out of comedian John Mulaney—best known for his appearances on Best Week Ever and as a writer for SNL (but don't hold that against him). Anyway, thanks to the folks at Helium, I secured Blogtownies TEN PAIRS of tickets for tonight's (Friday) 10 pm show, AND 10 pairs for Saturday's late show as well! DO YOU WANT TO GO? I'd advise it, because at one point Mulaney had me laughing so hard my lungs temporarily shut down. He's kind of a dick for doing that, but hey... he was just doing his job.

THE FIRST PEOPLE WHO RESPOND TO ME BY EMAIL WILL GET THE TICKETS. Be sure to include your real name in the email, and let me know what night you want to attend (Friday or Saturday, both at 10 pm). DEADLINE IS 3 PM TODAY! And watch this post for updates, I'll let you know when I've already given away all the tix for either night. EMAIL ME HERE, and put I Like to Laff! in the subject line.

Want to check out some Mulaney? Here ya go. And here!

UPDATE! Saturday night tix are all taken! Still room at the Friday 10 pm show!

UPDATE! All free tickets have been claimed! Thanks for playing!