American warplanes have joined the fray in Libya, a day after backing up French fighter jets with Tomahawk missiles. Moammar Qaddafi, via telephone, is hoppin' mad! But there are reports his assault on the rebel capital has slowed. Unrest, meanwhile, spreads to Syria.

Also angry? The Arab League, which may reconsider its support for the intervention now that the no-fly zone has turned into a good ol' fashioned First World/Third World ass-kicking.

The latest Yankee Blue Jeans-brand Military Adventure
came as hundreds of people in Portland and elsewhere gathered and marched to mark the eighth anniversary of the Iraq War, and also to rail against national priorities that rank armed conflict ahead of feeding poor kids (but not ahead of DVRing the series finale of TGIF's Step by Step.)

In Haiti, something way more interesting happened than the runoff in the battered country's presidential election. Wyclef Jean, a former candidate himself and now stumping for another former singer who's still in the race, got shot! In the hand!

This is what counts as good news in Japan's meltdown watch: the absence of more bad news. Nuclear plant workers are working through a tangle of Rube Goldberg-esque schemes to keep more people, plants, and animals from winding up hopelessly irradiated.

Egyptians yesterday overwhelmingly approved constitutional changes calling for new presidential and parliamentary elections this summer—officially ending nearly 60 years of autocratic, one-party rule.

The UCLA student who mocked Asians on campus in a YouTube video—and forgot that, sometimes, lots of people actually watch some of the stupid shit that gets posted there—has decided to discontinue her studies. Guess she's been harassed, or something.

Shit. Is more oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico? Officials are investigating an eye-stingingly massive "oil sheen" in the gulf, north of the Deepwater well that starred in so many news reports last year.

T-Mobile has been devoured by AT&T, and now 33 million-plus more phone customers can share in the intimate joy of having one's call dropped or not being connected at all.

A miniature train derailed in a South Carolina park, leaving a 6-year-old dead. No word if miniature paramedics raced over in miniature ambulances and firetrucks, on their way to a miniature hospital.

CIrcus? Did somebody say circus?