From the Mercury's inbox:

PORTLAND, Ore.—After conquering the small screen, Daniel Baldwin (Homicide: Life on the Streets, The Sopranos) hopes to conquer your speakers with the release of his first hip-hop track. The single “Club Life” marks Baldwin’s foray into the music scene and is part of the official soundtrack of Stripperland, a feature film due on DVD in April.

“I always wanted to be a rapper,” Baldwin said. [I'm pretty sure this is a lie. —Ed.]

Baldwin co-wrote the lyrics with Northwest hip-hop legend Pale Soul. Pale Soul also provided the backing track.

The song was an intergral ["integral," maybe?] part of Stripperland. Intrigued by the motion picture’s script, Baldwin became enamored with the character of Double-D, a rapper who was able to keep stripper/zombies at bay with his music.

Baldwin embraced his rap persona during a video shoot for the song on Sauvie’s Island [actually, it's just "Sauvie Island"... eh, fuck it] outside Portland. Baldwin endured long hours in a track suit and skull cap despite 104-degree temperatures. During the shoot, part of which is featured in Stripperland, Baldwin cast aspersions at Joaquin Phoenix, another actor-turned-rapper.

From the Mercury's review of Stripperland:

A homegrown horror-comedy that features Daniel Baldwin (of not-being-Alec fame) and Lloyd Kaufman, the creative force behind Troma. It also features a bunch of strippers. I like zombies! I like boobs! I like Baldwins! I figured that this movie could be all kinds of bad but it surely wouldn't be boring. WROOONGG! Man, I haven't watched a Troma film since high school. I forgot that the main thing they are is boring. I stuck around long enough to see Daniel Baldwin's mush-mouthed cameo then peaced the eff out. I have a life to live. DAVE BOW

And lastly, from YouTube:

Hasta la Winnebago, bitches.