Plane Down! American jet crashes in Libya (the pilots are safe, though) as airstrikes continue.

"You're Going to Die Tonight": NYTimes journalists released from Libyan prison detail their harrowing capture.

"Kill Squad" Solider Pleads Guilty: One of the soldiers charged with murdering Afghan civilians and taking photos of their bodies is pleading guilty.

Homegrown Terrorism: That's what those darn bike lanes are in NYC, say opponents.

Wooo! Big Applause for a D+ Education. The country's school now include slightly fewer "dropout factories"!

Goliath vs. Goliath: Apple sues Amazon over use of the term "app store".

Quinoa Qrisis: The super grain is now so popular among hippies and healthy eaters that the indigenous Bolivians who grew it for hundreds of years can no longer afford it.

"Twitterplomacy": Oh no. This is a word now.

Ivy League Gender Gap: After moving toward equality, over the past decade, the honors and appointments given to women at Princeton has declined.

Biggest Ever Bunny: Researchers determined that a prehistoric bunny weighed 26 pounds and didn't hop.

In Other News this goldfish looks like Hitler:


Poll Star: Mayor Adams surveys Portlanders on "hot button issues" in annual budget survey (which, BTW, costs $40,000).

Security Breach! Insurance provider Health Net lost the health histories of 120,000 customers.