After the last several months of cold wind and slippery, wet streets, all but the most hardcore of all-weather motorcycle riders are starting to get squirrely about getting back on their bikes. Just in time, Portland's easiest-to-introduce-to-mom motorcycle club, the Sang-Froid Riding Club, are hosting two events to get you back in the saddle for springtime rides: First up on Friday is a visit from cult icon Austin Vince of Discovery Channel/Mondo Enduro fame, talking about some of the highlights of his travels in motorcycle adventuring. Says SFRC's Becky Ohlsen, "He and his crew did a round-the-world trip in 1995 that set the precedent for what Ewan McGregor did much later, only Vince did it on crappy old dirt bikes with no support and no sponsorship. They were among the first westerners to see post-Soviet Russia, and the first to cross Siberia without taking the train. His presentations are reportedly wildly entertaining, covering everything from low-budget adventure travel and Soviet iconography to garage bands, spaghetti westerns and team-building." Also, make note that it's for "adults only," so you know, it's that kind of story. Friday, Portland Motorcycle, 10652 NE Holman, 7 pm, $7

On Saturday, watch out for the "Alley Sweeper Urban Enduro," racing through the streets, described as a "ridiculously fun" ride that "serves as a Critical Mass-style public service announcement on motorcycle awareness (but louder, and without costumes)." If you can't beat 'em, maybe you can join 'em? It'll kick off at See See (611 N Tillamook) with free coffee at 9 am, heading out at 10. And you can bet they'll be swarming at least one Portland watering hole after the ride: You've been warned!

Not kidding about the alley part: A scene from 2009s Urban Enduro
  • Not kidding about the alley part: A scene from 2009's Urban Enduro