I'm a bit of a free yoga connoisseur—you say, "free and/or cheap down dog," and I'm there. So this March event at Sound Roots School of Music is super tempting, but a few red flags are bursting bright in my control center. Read on, yogis.

You have never done yoga like this before! This mixed level vinyasa yoga series is good for beginners to advance-level students, it's set to modern and past musical icons like Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Phish [Eeeeek!—Eds.], Madonna, P-Funk, and more! We are offering six classes per week—each day with a different musical theme (funk, pop, disco, etc.). The class blends serious yoga with fun grooves and is a whole new way to think of yoga. Sound awesome? You haven't heard the best part...its all FREE for the whole month of March!! Come shake your 'asana' as many times as you want for the entire month and check out this fun new series.

Sound Roots School of Music
3954 N Williams

The cognitive dissonance of "free" and "jam-band yoga" is filling my head with smoking and beeping and short-circuiting. Anyone been? I love the idea of yoga with MJ and Madonna and P-Funk, as it would be nice to practice without the annoying "hari krishna" chanting in the background, but so many things could go wrong (see Thursday: Surrender to the Phlow: Vinyasa Yoga and Phish). I'll try to give it a shot next week and report back.