LGBT advocacy group Basic Rights Oregon has launched a new TV ad campaign statewide (you'll see their spot during GLEE tonight) that aims to build support for gay marriage in Oregon.

Unlike the ad Basic Rights put out last year, this one uses the word "gay". It's framed around a straight middle-aged looking couple talking about how they came to support "gay and lesbian marriage" based on their values of "treating others how you'd want to be treated."

I think it's pretty smart and could play well to the more conservative, religious audiences.

We reached a milestone this month when a new nationwide poll showed that, for the first time, a majority of Americans support gay marriage. In Oregon, we have to pass a statewide constitution amendment to okay gay marriage (thanks, Measure 36!). Basic Rights Oregon has been building a campaign to get that amendment on the 2012 ballot, but won't commit for sure to a date until this summer.