Guys, I watched the best documentary on OPB last night: a behind-the-scenes look at contestants in the Cat Fanciers' Association International Cat Show. I am hesitant to post the following clip, because it kind of blows the show's dramatic apogee (and it's not nearly as funny as the scene in which Crazy Cat Lady #4 breaks down her cat's resemblance to Nicole Kidman, or where Crazy Cat Lady #6 makes her cat wear cat diapers, or where Crazy Cat Man #2 explains why Maine Coones are like America), but for some stupid reason it's the only one I could find:

The Standard of Perfection next airs Sunday, April 3 on OPB. Record that shit and then send me a thank-you note. (And put a few clips on YouTube, while you're at it. ) If anyone watched it last night, back me up on this. Hilarious! Totally insane! Quite possibly a glimpse of my future!