Let's Judge the Level of Your Immorality!


I'm assuming your definition of a hummer and mine are the same. So yes, definitely, I would take a hummer.
8 way tie. who in their right mind wouldn't fool around with an uzi, hummer or ATV? I love midgets!Are these activities too fun for Portlanders? GOOD ! more eagle feather jumpsuits for me!
Hey, I don't remember seeing you at my last birthday party. I told you not to mention anything you saw there.
If there´s still chance, Id take the "Squirrel Flying Suit", that made it´s appearance a while on these editorial pages. You know, the guy with the wings, jet-motor and helmet cam.
The MeckHummer!

No, maybe not. Sounds a little too much like a cut-rate sexual service.
Duh, the Uzi.. then you TAKE the other things. I really thought someone would have beat me to that already.
Huh? That sounds like my normal summer weekend party. Yeah thanks for reminding me to line up the Cinco party entertainment.