Oh hot damn, it's finally here. For a guide to Portland's fourth-annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival, see this week's print edition. The first shows that jump off Thursday's schedule are many, but let me highlight a quick few:

- Eagles Lodge 1, 7:00PM @ Eagles Lodge. Featuring Andy Dick, Lonnie Bruhn and more. Seriously, what better place to see Andy Dick than the weird ass Eagles Lodge?

- Snob Theater, 9:00PM @ Hawthorne Theater Main Stage. Featuring Brent Weinbach, Moshe Kasher, Ron Funches and more.

- Pop & Politics, 7:00PM @ Mt. Tabor Main Stage. Featuring Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kinane and more. This is a radio taping, and focuses a group discussion with comic on issues, rather than a traditional stand up show. Still, good stuff. And good for a light, not-totally-shitfaced way to start the festival weekend.

Also, a little bird told me that if you put the coupon code "Mercury" into the checkout for festival passes you'll save $10. Not sure how long it lasts, so get over there and do it!