I pride myself on staying away from the glut of Kanye West-related bullshit firing back and forth across the internet. But this goes too far. According to the New York Times, West's charity recently shuttered—but not before mismanaging and essentially letting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations disappear. An excerpt:

What would Jesus do?
  • What would Jesus do?
The charity filed tax forms as if it were a private foundation, but it does not appear to have been financed by Mr. West, instead raising the bulk of its money from companies and individuals with whom Mr. West does business.

In 2009, for instance, Madison Square Garden gave it $151,754, and the retailer Karmaloop donated $20,000. The previous year, the charity received contributions from the concert promoters Live Nation Music Group and Goldenvoice.

The charity raised an average of $492,000 and made total grants averaging $18,080 in each of 2007, 2008 and 2009, the last year for which tax forms are available.

Grant-making slowed drastically — in 2009, the charity made just $563 in grants.

So let's see... West's charity took in an average of $492,000 per year over three years from 2007-2009. In that same time, they gave out less than $60,000. That's $1,476,000 in, $60,000 out—and total fucking ludicrously irresponsible management, befitting of class war response.

Where did that $1.4 million go, Kanye?

And if you've got so much power next to your diamond-encrusted watch, why don't you prove it and pay back the difference? Doesn't matter who handled the money, or who's fault it was. What matters is that this fraud was perpetrated in your name, and you've got the ability to make it right.

Motherfucker deserves to be lit up by the lights of Twitter and Facebook until the gap is filled. Pass it on.

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