Generally speaking, I only attend parades if they're gay, but this sounds like fun: Hand Eye Supply, the really nice store in Old Town that sells supplies for all types of making, from tools to aprons, is getting a float in this year's Starlight Parade on June 4—but don't tape down your spot just yet (or at all): In addition to some "razzle-dazzle lighting effects," they're using the float to highlight smiling and waving Portland makers as "ambassadors of Portland's creative community." And, the lucky smilers and wavers are to be determined by popular vote—and you only have 48 hours to cast yours. The full list of nominees is here, but a few names that caught my eye include "cyborg anthropologist" Amber Case, clothing and accessory designers Hazel Cox (full disclosure: I nominated Hazel when Hand Eye asked me to weigh in), Mark Perusich and Sam Huff of Tanner Goods and Elizabeth Dye, Torie Nguyen and Cathy Pitters from Crafty Wonderland, and floral designer/artist Wesley Younie. But that's my wheelhouse; there are tons more nominees who are bike builders, architects, glass blowers, upholsterers, brewmasters, and camera makers. Vote now and let someone cross the parade float experience off of their bucket list. Oh, and bonus: The Starlight Parade is at night, so you don't have to wake up at the ass crack to check it.

See, floating on floats is fun.
  • See, floating on floats is fun.

Also! "In May, with the results tabulated, Hand-Eye Supply will have an announcement party where we can all consume locally crafted food and beverages and toast our new Maker Overlords." Stay tuned.