Dear folks whose email addresses are part of large mailing lists (common in academia and many professions including mine of lawyering) - when someone mistakenly sends a question or comment to everyone on the list instead of just one intended recipient, there is no need for you (and I use this in the broad sense to mean everyone on the list) to reply to everyone one the list with any of the following: 1) what is this list; 2) why am I receiving this email; 3) was this email was intended for me; 4) can you remove me from this list. Clearly, you do not understand the difference between reply and reply to all. A fact that should be made all that more evident by the mounting emails in my inbox between idiots who are asking the aforementioned enumerated questions and the fucking idiots writing “do not reply to all.” I swear, why does it take dozens and dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of email exchanges between the morons wondering why they are on the list and the morons who ask do not reply to all but then fucking reply to all (and these people are lawyers, who went to law school, and passed a rigorous multi day bar examination) before people just realize that there was a mistake and ignore it and then the problem goes away. I’m going to wake up tomorrow and have to sort through all the idiocy to find, you know, emails relevant to my work. And fuck, if you sending a response to everyone on the list after about two dozen similar responses to everyone on the list asking to be removed and you include the additional phrase “annoying and interruptive,” you are part of the problem and likely do not understand the concept of irony. — Anonymous