David Bones Hebert
  • David "Bones" Hebert
Friends of long-time local drummer David Hebert called to inform us that he was tragically shot and killed by police officers in Cincinnati this week.

Hebert, who went by "Bones" because he was a small, skin-and-bones guy, lived in Portland for about a decade before making the switch to Cincinnati last year. He played in several local bands over the years, the best known of which was a group called Tragos, according to Hebert's friend Tim Hurst.

Hurst says he expects Hebert's parents to file a wrongful death suit in the shooting. Due to equipment error in the police cruiser, there's no video of the incident which left 40-year-old Hebert dead with two bullets to the chest. Police say that they were searching for Hebert after receiving a call that he had cut someone with a knife. When officers found him, they say, he "whipped out the knife — about a 7-inch blade — from his pocket and took a step toward police" at which point Sgt. Andrew Mitchel shot him twice. Hurst says that Hebert did not have mental illness issues, but was a heavy drinker. "No one thinks this guy did what they say he did," says Hurst. "He was definitely a wild person, a good spirit, but he wasn't unstable."

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Local friends are planning a benefit show to raise money for Bones' funeral, but the time and place are not set yet. I'll update with info when it's solid.

Update: Memorial show flier is below the cut.


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