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Another week, another Mercury music section to fold into a paper space antenna while you watch Sammy Hagar reenact his alien abduction. Hey Sammy, what about Gary Cherone? He's an alien, right? That is the only thing that would explain the baffling success of Pornograffitti.

We are absolutely obsessed with Past Life Martyred Saints, the debut offering from onetime Gowns singer, and current Portlander, EMA (Erika M. Anderson). Honestly, we couldn't love this album more if we tried.

EMA - "California"

Just because they are made up of members of Black Flag, Burning Brides, Redd Kross, and Hot Snakes that doesn't make OFF! a supergroup. They are a group that so happens to be super. Very super.

OFF! - "I Don't Belong"

The Cave Singers offer up a unique version of American folk music. And yes, they are bearded. Why do you ask?
Cave Singers

Cave Singers - "Swim Club"

End Hits: Did Hagar ever consider that maybe the aliens were on spring break and just wanted some Cabo Wabo?