Towards the end of last night's Blazers victory over the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban had some sort of interaction with the rowdy Rose Garden crowd. During a timeout, the outspoken Mavs owner seemed to be taunting Blazers fans, sort of like a WWE villain (Ted DiBiase was the “Million Dollar Man," so I guess Cuban would be the “Billion Dollar Man”) would before a steel cage match. Well, according to Yahoo Sports, Cuban was hit with "something."

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he was struck in the face by an unknown object during Thursday night’s playoff game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Cuban told reporters afterward he did not know what the object was, and he was unhurt by it. He also praised the security at the Rose Garden.

Cuban, who was sitting in the crowd behind the Mavericks’ bench, was interacting with fans who were booing him late in the game.

What hit him? A plastic cup? A shoe? A small horse? The blunt realization that maybe his team won't win this series?

Seems a little too vague. Also, throwing anything at a man with that kind of security seems like a very bad idea. I just want to be clear, it wasn't me. Why would a lowly blogger throw anything at Cuban? Oh yeah, this.