I sure do love me some Bridgetown Comedy Fest. I look forward to it all year knowing that no other fest will deliver so many laughs and drunkengoodtimes. So let's kick these funny jams off right with a preview of a great-looking show on Saturday night—Last Comic Standing Room Only, a showcase of comedians kicked various amounts of ass on NBC's Last Comic Standing. It's a strong lineup with affable pothead Doug Benson (who's reason alone to hit this show), amazing impressionario James Adomian, funny tomboy Iliza Shlesinger, and hysterical Brooklynite Claudia Cogan.

Andrew's totally right—it wouldn't be Bridgetown without the reliably funny Adomian and his great impressions. His squealing, miserable Paul Giamatti on Comedy Death Ray makes me twitter like Will Wheaton. Don't miss him. Here's Adomian as a drunken, gluttonous Orson Welles:

Last Comic Standing Room Only
Saturday, April 23, 7 pm, $20
Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne
w/Doug Benson, Iliza Shlesinger, Chip Pope, James Adomian, Nikki Glaser, Jesse Case, Claudia Cogan

Hit the jump for more funny from the night's lineup, including the B-52s bit by Chip Pope that had me giggling like a moron.

Gotta say I'm most looking forward to Chip Pope. All his appearances on Comedy Death Ray have been great, especially as his '80s British rocker character RO Manse. Dude needs a videographer but here's his Fred Schneider bit:

Nikki Glaser

Iliza Shlesinger, who won Season 6 of Last Comic Standing

Jesse Case
Not much for the internet clips, but my notes from 2009's Bridgetown Comedy Fest include him as a highlight.

Claudia Cogan
I think she'll be a blast to watch.