Highlights: The Music Comedy program at the Mt. Tabor Theater. Mindy Raf killed it as a crunchy singer/songwriter vegan lesbian chick (which totally doesn't sound as fun as it was, right?). She was rocking her guitar and itching her boobs in a most hairy-legged manner and it all boiled down to a great character who nailed the type without edging into groan-inducing. She was a stellar surprise. The rest of the lineup was good, especially hunky Chris Garcia on guitar and host MC Mr. Napkins. I was kinda disappointed in Chip Pope's '80s British rocker RO Manse, but I think that was more a result of a persnickety sound system at the Mt. Tabor.

Oddness: Andy Dick at the Eagles Lodge was a bit disconcerting and awkward, but it was less traumatic (comedy wise) then I was expecting.

Randomness: The Tanker, as always, was fun, with the open mic-esque cavalcade hijinks. It's a great way to cap off the night, like a funny digestif. Also, the ladies were hot last night—Barbara Gray's set at the Mt. Tabor Lounge... funny as get-out.

Tonight: Go to the second Music Comedy program (Bagdad Theater, 10 pm, $15). Mindy Raf will be there, as will Chip Pope, Howard Kremer, Nick Thune, Mike Phirman, DJ Real, DJ Dougg Pound.

Mindy Raf