OMG, YOU GUYS EVERYBODY BE CAREFUL! In an act of horrible timing, the sidewalks surrounding the entrance to the Hawthorne Theater are undergoing some kind of construction that prevents their being used, paving the way (ha!) for plenty of potential fatalities this weekend as increasingly drunken Bridgetown Festivalgoers contend with the dangerous game of frogger they are being forced to play at the busy intersection of SE 39th and Hawthorne. The owner, according to the bouncer last night, is rightfully "pissed."

I managed to scamper past the traffic unscathed last night to catch what was probably one of the more underdog of the four shows that kicked off the fest at the Hathorne theater main stage, in hopes of 1) actually finding a seat and 2) being introduced to some of the less hyped about talent on the schedule. The audience was modest (I could have easily stretched out on three or four chairs if I wanted to) but enthusiastic, and host Scott Moran did a decent job deflecting any discomfort. And, I was rewarded by sets including two new favorites: Adam Hammer did a hilarious set about his parents and his own theories about parenting and drinking, and drinking while parenting. He's awesome, and if you missed him, too bad—he's booked in Pasadena tonight. Hopefully, he'll be back, and if so remember that name. Adam. Hammer. The other standout was Jesse Case, who as Courtney mentioned this morning, can be seen again on Saturday at the Bagdad (7 pm as part of Last Comic Standing Room Only). The only one that fell a little flat was the helium-voiced Jan Davidson, whose mom joke material seemed a little too heavily trod. Nonetheless, you can give her a shot tonight at the Eagles' Lodge at 7 or tomorrow at the Tabor lounge at 10. After the Hawthorne show wrapped, I went and caught two funny sets at the Bagdad from Mike Bridenstine (also performing tonight at 11 at the Mt Tabor Lounge and again at the same venue on Saturday at "11:59") and Nikki Glaser, who waxed on about female pubic hair maintenance (I'm unstoppable!), who again, as Courtney mentioned, can be taught tonight at the Bagdad too. (Incidentally, whenever your ass can't take anymore of the plastic folding chair scene, remember that the Bagdad has the coziest seats.)

The funniest comedian you didnt see last night.
  • The funniest comedian you didn't see last night.

Tonight's sets include Theme Park 1 back at the Hawthorne main, and below the cut you'll find previews of that showcase's talent. Onward!

Theme Park 1 starts at 7:30 tonight at Hawthorne main (caution drunkards!), for $25 with:

Headliner Simon Helberg, star of The Big Bang Theory. Other credits include Arrested Development, Reno 911!, Old School, and Walk Hard. Here he is in a skit for The Committee with Rich Sommer:

Oscar Nunez AKA Oscar from The Office. Other credits: Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Proposal, Malcolm in the Middle:

Janet Varney (Dinner and a Movie, SF Sketch Fest founder), who Alison profiled yesterday, and who appears to be quite charming. Peep that ninja interview if you haven't already. There's also Michael Hitchcock (United States of Tara, Glee, Party Down, every Christopher Guest movie ever):

Cole Stratton (re-enactor for America's Most Wanted, which is an awesome thing to have on ones resume, IMO, co-founder of SF Sketch Fest with Varney). Here are the both of them providing Mystery Science Theater 3,000-style commentary for a scene from Poltergeist for

Tonight's the night I'm gonna go all out for Bridgetown, all night long. Here's to a fatality free Friday night, ya'll!