Droning On: As Libyan rebels advance, the US says it will deploy armed drones against Qaddafi.

Firefights in Syria: On the "bloodiest day" in Syria's protest, forces open fire on protesters.

Heckling Obama: Protesters sneak into a $5,000 per-ticket fundraiser and heckle the president about the treatment of WikiLeaker Bradly Manning.

It's Earth Day! Grist has a list of 15 ways to celebrate and the Daily Beast has Earth Day poseurs.

Vaguely Described Serial Killer: The Long Island serial killer is probably a white male between the ages of 20 to 40. Great, that narrows it down.

Tea Party is Too Krazy for KKK. The Ku Klux Klan sent out a press release trying to distance itself from the tea party and Koran burning.

Ensign Resigns! The Republican Nevada senator resigns amid an investigation of why his wealthy parents paid a campaign aide and her husband $96,000 (hushmoney hushmoney).

Google Launches Groupon Competitor: It's "Google Offers" will launch first in Portland!

The Most Important Gay Marriage Graph: From Prose Before Hos.


Gunfire in North Portland: A man standing with gang members on Fremont and North Williams was wounded yesterday when someone shot at him, also hitting a TriMet bus.

Ban the Bag Moves Forward: The bill for a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags has been festering in committee, one vote short of what it needs to pass. But it's finally heading to a vote!