I worked as a mall Easter Bunny about fifteen years ago—I wrote a little bit about it here—and I can assure you that children do not like the Easter Bunny. Children are terrified of the Easter Bunny. They wail and screech and claw and try to flee. This makes sense, of course: either they believe their parents are trying to hand them to a gigantic, anthropomorphic rabbit, or they know that a grown human being has dressed up as a bunny and is sitting in the middle of a mall food court like that. Either way: Terrifying.

This sad knockoff of the mall Santa Claus concept has scarred millions of developing psyches around the nation, and there is still no end in sight for this national nightmare. (Why not get skinny drug addicts to pretend to be Jesus, instead? All you'd need is a white towel for wardrobe and some red corn syrup for stigmata, and at least the children could look the strung-out hippies in the eyes as they scream and wet their pants.)

Bearing all this in mind, I'm unsure why a parent would think that dressing up like an Easter Bunny, running up to a house in the dead of night, and smacking a forearm against a window to alert your arrival, like a slasher in a horror film, would be a good idea. But I sure am glad they taped it, and that Boing Boing brought it to our attention: