Running Tally:
Ok Cupid mentions: 3
Hipster mentions (it should be noted that some of these were referencing Brooklyn and L.A. hipsters): 6
Voodoo Doughnut mentions: 0 (hmm, did everyone get a memo?)
Oregon's Gas Pumping mentions: 1
Homeless People jokes: OFF THE CHARTS
Rape-y jokes: A PANTSLOAD (for efficiency, how about combining the last two categories?)

Highlights from last night:
Kurt Braunohler (as Ned mentioned he'll be doing Hot Tub tonight), Kyle Kinane apparently killed it last night (so says the hubby; I was stupidly too busy drinking at the Watertrough), Alex Gavlick (a 17-year-old high school student at the Bar of the Gods' tiny room), Robert Buscemi, and my personal favorite Cameron Esposito, a charming, hysterical, vest-wearing lesbian from Chicago who knocked everyone's socks off at the lounge at Mt. Tabor. Catch her set tonight at the Hawthorne Theatre at midnight.

The drunk dude in the Bar of the Gods who kept falling down in everyone's laps. Check yourself, sir.