Tonight, tonight, tonight the Rose City Rollers take on the sniveling varmints of Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls. And by golly, I'm really double booked for the evening, what with the ha-ha's at the Bridgetown Comedy Fest and the rah-rah's at derby tonight, but hell, someone's gotta do it, right? Can't miss this sibling rivalry bout, 'cause it's going to be the fast (flat?) track to awesome. Some essentials:

Memorial Coliseum at the Rose Quarter
tonight, doors at 5 pm, skating at 5:45 pm
$14-20, all ages, tickets
don't bother driving, it's going to be a mad house

RCR's Break Neck Betties vs. Rat City's Derby Liberation Front
RCR's Guns N Rollers vs. Rat City's Throttle Rockets
RCR's Heartless Heather vs. Rat City's Grave Danger
RCR's High Rollers vs. Rat City's Sockit Wrenches

BBQ now, derby later: Sounds like a good motto for life.