Bridgetown rolls along through the weekend, and there are a few noteworthy shows today: Andy Dick's one-man show, Hari Kondabolu and Margaret Cho and others at the Bagdad, and the Famous Mysterious Actor's Bridgetown installment with guests including local comics Ian Karmel and Richard Bain.

But the highlight may well turn out to be Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, a variety show hosted by Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal that's a semi-regular event in New York. Schaal is one of the better known faces at Bridgetown this year (full disclosure: she and I ran in the same circles in New York), but she and Braunohler have been working as a comic duo for several years now, and the Bridgetown edition of Hot Tub will include guest comedians Kyle Kinane, Jon Daly (possibly in his Bill Cosby Bukowski guise), Brett Gelman, and Pete Holmes. The variety show will be an ideal change of pace from the constant stream of standup—and while there likely be some standup in Hot Tub, there will also be music from Nick Thune, plus the "occasional oddity," perhaps taking form in weird, subtle, funny, semi-improvised skits that change direction on the turn of a dime, like this:

Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, Mt. Tabor Theater (main stage), 4811 SE Hawthorne, 9 pm, $25