So, did a man-size bunny haunt you yet today? If so, it was probably a white one. Because—no duh!—Portland remains the whitest large city in the United States, at 72 percent, according to 2010 census data. Seattle ain't far behind us.

And look! It's raining again! And it's going to rain again all effing week! Raise your hand if you managed to haul your ass outside for at least an hour or two yesterday.

This Libyan conflict gets more and more confusing.
Amid the shifting claims over who controls which towns, another party that isn't NATO, Moammar Qaddafi, or the rebels has reportedly entered stage-right to throw some weight around: tribal leaders.

Six weeks after an earthquake and tsunami devastated northern Japan, 25,000 soldiers, helped by robots, have begun combing through washed-out towns and miles of ocean floor for thousands of still-missing corpses.

Yemen's president offers to step down after months of protests, and after months of siccing his security forces on protesters. But outrage erupts anew over Ali Abdullah Saleh's immunity deal.

The American internment camp at Guantanamo Bay remains open, despite President Barack Obama's promise to one day close it. This is an accounting of why that promise has yet to be fulfilled.

A sad story, courtesy of Florida: A toddler who thought the Glock in his hand was a toy shoots and kills his mother. Or did he?

Sorry, foster kids in Michigan! No new clothes for you!

The unearthing of a 177-person mass grave near the Mexican border was awful enough. Now that investigators are learning how all those bodies wound up there, the story gets worse.

One of the fathers of the compact disc has died, just barely predeceasing the format he helped invent.