I'll need a year to recover from this weekend—Bridgetown, as usual, was a laff blast. I lost track of hipster references, cans of PBR consumed, and number of comedians I saw. But here's one last tally from last night:

Kraken references: 2 (plus 1 "crackin'")
Holocaust references on Easter Sunday: 6,000,000
Andy Dick-is-missing references: 1 from Festival Organizer Andy Wood. I'm trying to figure out what happened here. It seems Dick might've missed his plane and is now wandering the city with his penis tucked up into his taint. Did anyone see him at the Persona show on Friday? Apparently there was a lot of Dick on display.

Alison and I hit up the Iron Comic show at the Bagdad. It was a lot of bang for the buck, with nearly a dozen comedians onstage. Hosts Nato Green and Moshe Kasher corralled the contestants (Hannibal Buress, Kyle Kinane, Emily Heller, Doug Benson, and Baron Vaughn), with a couple acts interspersed between the competition. Kinane won, but he probably shouldn't have. Hannibal Buress was particularly good and Doug Benson was on fire.

I ended the night at the Eagles Lodge, with a stellar lineup and a packed house of festivalgoers and comedians there for one of the last shows of the weekend. I was looking forward to Jon Daly and hoping to see his Bill Cosby-Bukowski bit, but my sleepy-time tea must've kicked in around 11. But Andy Wood and Portlanders Nathan Brannon and Tim Hammer killed it (Hammer had me with his first pun). Nice one, gents.

Now if I can just figure out where Andy Dick is, I can finally get some sleep. 'Til next year Bridgetown.