Terminator 3. NEVER FORGET.
  • Terminator 3. NEVER FORGET.

Hey, look at that: Not an hour after I get back from an advance screening of Fast Five, the news has gotten out that Fast Five director Justin Lin's officially on board to reboot the Terminator franchise (yes, reboot again, but I think we can all be grown ups here and, when discussing movies about killer robots, agree to pretend that Terminator Salvation never happened). This time Arnold Schwarzenegger's attached to star, because of course. Deadline has the scoop.

Cool by me. The Terminator series was awesome for two movies, crappy for a movie, awesome again for a TV show, and then crappy again for another movie, so it's not like this franchise is some sacred cow—James Cameron washed his hands of it long ago, and god knows they're gonna keep going back to it until they get it right (possible!) or until people get sick of watching rampaging robots go on rampages (impossible!). Lin's a decent action director, they'll no doubt come up with something entertainingly ridiculous to explain why the T-800 is all old and paunchy now ("I hahve been prograhmmed vith ah new mission... to terminate Snickahs bahrs!"), and regardless of how the actual movies turn out, at least we can rest assured that delusional Salvation director McG is currently crying himself to sleep. So let's just chalk this up as a win.