Hop on the good ship Pequod, let's go Andy Dick hunting. Apparently he's still at large in Stumptown. This report from our man on the scene, Bridgetown Comedy Fest's Andy Wood, who mentioned something about Dick being missing: "I have no idea where he is, although I heard reports he showed up at Sinferno at Dante's last night. If you've heard anything else, please let me know. And tell him to call his manager and/or ex-girlfriend. Or to go to Hotel Fifty, where his bags still are."

Oh my.

And this from Blogtown commenter Warrjo, who was apparently tainted by Andy Dick's performance on Friday: "I had Andy Dick's dick and balls rubbed on my cheek with a good old-fashioned unwelcome face humping [during the show]... I heard stories of him being kicked out of some of Portland's least likely to be kicked out of bars like BOG and Sewickly's Edition. I heard he was even physically removed from the afterparty."

Any other Dick sightings from you land lubbers?