Guantanamo Files: WikiLeaked files tell the stories of detainees, including one who's now a US ally, sort of, and one who's accused of planning terrorist attacks after 9/11.

The Hot Zone: Twenty five years ago today, Chernobyl exploded.

500 Arrested in Syria: The Syrian government crackdown on protesters continues.

Boycott the Royal Wedding: Aren't Americans supposed to be anti-monarchy, anyway?

ET Phone Home: Paul Allen's massive effort to make contact with alien life is on hold.

High Water: Massive floods across the South kill five people in Arkansas.

RIP Poly Styrene! Legendary X-Ray Spex punk singer Poly Styrene died of cancer yesterday.

Sparkly Kotex for Tweens: Girls are getting their first period younger and younger, so now Kotex is selling sparkle pads!

Law and Order: Gabrielle Giffords. Who says the Law and Order has run out of ideas? They can just rip them from the headlines!

Toothpick San Francisco: Here is an an amazing replica of San Francisco built in toothpicks:

33 Percent: That's the appalling drop out rate in Portland high schools, according to a new state report.