Check out the above video and get motivated to support the IPRC's Media Action Project. The program promotes media literacy in teens. The IPRC hosts:

...four-session outreach program that teaches youth how to critically deconstruct print ads, movies, television commercials, video games and websites in order to examine underlying messages about gender, violence, body image, consumerism, etc, and to consider how these messages might affect their own sense of self and physical health.

The courses also encourage the teens to create their own media art that counters or promotes their own ideas about the issues. Their statement reads, "one of our major goals is to help transform young people from passive consumers of media into more active and engaged creators of media, art, and culture." Their tag line is, "Teens are more than a captive audience."

The MAP has passed its Kickstarter goal but every dollar donated means extra resources for instructors and the 1,000+ Oregon kids the program will benefit.