I posted some heartening news two weeks ago that Oregon has the highest youth voter turnout in the nation. A national study reported that 35.7 percent of people under 30 turned out to the ballot box.

But, damn it, as with most good news, it turns out to be not as honest as I originally thought. Nigel Jaquiss over at Willamette Week pointed out today that the survey doesn't correspond with actual voting data—which shows that actually only 23 percent of people under 30 in Oregon voted. That means 12.7 percent of you kids are liars. Come on! Casting your ballot in a vote-by-mail state takes roughly the same effort as concocting a lie for a political researcher saying you voted. What gives?

If everyone in the country overstated their voting as much as Oregon youths did, then it's likely that Oregon still has the highest voter turnout. But it's a slightly tarnished victory. This time, don't forget: There's an election May 12th.