The new single from Reporter, "Skin Like Fire," is a real stunner: a softly lit romantic number that's as suitable for the dancefloor as the bedroom, with a gentle but insistent rhythm, spacey synths, and clean guitar squawks as Alberta Poon coos, "Rest your head on me/Skin like fire." I hope that is a metaphor, because if the person she is singing to is actually on fire, it might not be a good idea to encourage them to come so close. This is Reporter at their most beautiful, following up last year's Italo-tastic Time Incredible full-length with their sweetest sound to date.


Reporter - "Skin Like Fire"

Reporter plays Friday, May 6 at Branx's Ladies Night with Wampire, Arohan, and DJs Linger and Quiet. Dressing up like a lady or actually being a lady is recommended. Branx, 320 SE 2nd, 8 pm, $7 for dudes, $3 for ladies or dudes in drag, all ages

End Hits: We've been dressing in drag for YEARS just hoping for a night like this.