Well, this is welcome news. Months after we said our weepy farewells and they shuttered their concert space for good, Berbati's (the venue) has returned. While the restaurant never went away, the former show room is back in action. The club is now a little smaller than in previous years (an expanded Voodoo Doughnuts is now located in the entrance and back area of the former club), and has received a remodeling facelift as well. Word has it there are plans to eventually change the club's named to Ted's (in honor of former owner Ted Papaioannou, who passed away last year).

The first show at the new Berbati's will be Beach Fossils on May 6. You can get your tickets here.

In other new/old downtown club news, Dante's has leased and refurbished the Star Theater (13 NW 6th). If you remember, the Star was shut down in 2009 but the classic building dates all the way back to 1911. Their first show will be This Will Destroy You on May 20.

End Hits: Your move, Paris Theatre.