Denis Says "Sayonara" to Jeopardy!


@ Denis, Soooooo... Can I borrow, like, eighty bucks?
I was so proud of you Denis! Even though you cocked up Final Jeopardy, you came up with some amazing answers.

Again, even though you cocked up Final Jeopardy.
Good job Denis but the solar panel question? Really?!?
You had us right up till that mondo boner and the end. My wife even gave you a backhanded compliment: "I like him better than Casey Abrams." (That's not saying much, of course, but she's still gone on Ken Jennings.) Me, I'm still gone on Jill Bunzendahl-Chimka.
Nice work, Denee!

Just think, how many people in this fucking world can say, "I won on Jeopardy!"

Not too many, I can tell you.

Rock on! Now it's back to City Hall with you!
Are the episodes available online -- anywhere?
It's very important to know the major presidential accomplishments to succeed on Jeopardy... Washington crossing the Rubicon, Nixon freeing the slaves, *all* of them.
@Colin: You *are* aware that winners only get paid in "Jeopardy money," aren't you?
Not exactly true; Brad Rutter has never lost (to a human).
@Andy Mesa: And didn't they "retire" 5-time winners for a while? So there should be other none-losers out there as well. Some Jeopardy fanatic probably knows exactly how many...
Look the guy spent 8 years blaming everything on George Bush it was just a rote response.
(But then those 5-timers went on to the Tournament of Champions, I suppose. And eventually lost, almost all of them anyway.)

George W. *was* the first to put vinyl siding on the White House, though, wasn't he?

I'm trying to cut back on my commenting, BTW. I'll attempt to comment less often than Kiala tweets about sleeping or eating.