The US added a new "where were you when you first heard" moment to our national lore last night. (I was at the Kenton Club!) And according to this morning's legally binding poll I am in the apparent minority of people who reacted like, "Oh shit, now things are going to get really bad," much as I did when I first heard about 9/11. (I was just getting to my shitty job as a cashier at Borders!) But in New York, they were partying like maniacs, including a party that erupted right at Ground Zero, with hastily written signs saying, "We are the champs!!!" and "USA Winning!" (I hate that Charlie Sheen was part of this, although hopefully by the time the history books are written nobody will remember the reference.) Nicholas Gazin from Vice was there documenting it. This guy pretty much sums things up:


So, where were you?