As Blogtown commenter TSW said JOKINGLY in this morning's very entertaining GMN thread:


Well, TSW, your wish is this nation's nutbags command! J. Michael Walker (writing on right winger Andrew Breitbart's Big Peace website) is getting the "Corpser" movement off to a rousing start!

The free world, particularly the United States, has a right to make sure Osama bin Laden is really dead. Every American has a right to walk right up to bin Laden’s corpse and view it. We are entitled to know for a fact that the witch is dead. No shroud for dignity’s sake, please — bin Laden’s naked, bullet-riddled corpse should be put on display in lower Manhattan for all the world to see. The entire body should be digitally scanned, inside and out — and made available for everyone to take his or her own picture.

Hmmm... sounds fun. It can go on tour with Charlie Sheen!