Every year the Mercury has a charity auction where we auction off things donated by businesses or sometimes famous people, and give all the moolah to charity. And while I don't know this from experience (as it is my first year working here), apparently the Mercury also auctions off something called a "Girl Date" where the winner of said date gets an evening of entertainment hosted by all the Mercury's foxy/fine female employees (including interns and freelancers)! Lucky guy, amiright?! (I've heard from some of the ladies that these nights either end up pretty epic or pretty lame. For privacy reasons that's all the information I will give you about years past. So please shut up about it.)

Back to the present. This year we decided to start our night at Smashputt where we met Evan, winner of the date, consultant for Nike, comic designer, and soon to be left-leaning Zine writer. Needless to say we had a lot to talk to him about. After Smashputt, we traveled to Chopsticks II where we danced, sang and drank lemon drops. (IT WAS A GIRL DATE, DAMMIT!?!!?) I feel as though a great time was had by all. And an earlier email from Evan confirms it!

Wow. That was awesome! I had a blast, and really appreciate everyone being so great!

So who's gonna bid next year?! It will, quite possibly be the time of your life.

P.S. Yesterday Arts Editor Alison Hallett tweeted this which is Evan's comic webpage. Check out one of his awesome comics after the jump...

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