While everyone's wondering if girls can be geeky, crafters and nerds around the country are busy welcoming the World of Geekcraft, a book collecting the finest science fiction/fantasy/gaming-themed crafts. World of Geekcraft was compiled and designed by contributor and Portland resident Susan Beal, author of several craft books, most recently Modern Log Cabin Quilting, from a host of contributors and associates such as Like Mr. Miyagi, the projects within will help you take your unassuming fingers, made nimble from countless hours at the keyboard, and apply their surprising skills to sewing, cutting, and gluing.

But that's not all. Susan was kind enough to provide us with a complimentary copy of the book and a craft kit for the Blogtowner who can come up with the best homemade Geekcraft.

Please provide us with a picture your craft, preferably with a copy of a current newspaper prominently displayed next to it, and email it to with GEEKCRAFT CONTEST in the subject line. Your creations will then be judged based on skill, radness, and overall geek cred. Submissions deadline is Friday. A winner will be announced next week.

For reference and inspiration, check out some of the excellent projects from the book on Flickr. You can also get interactive at some of the events Susan will be hosting over the next month including appearances at Crafty Wonderland and Powell's Books. Some of my favorites after the jump.

Get crafting!

ZAP! POW! Magnets.
  • ZAP! POW! Magnets.

Drive-In Messenger Bag
  • Drive-In Messenger Bag

Pac-Man Wii Remote Holster
  • Pac Man Wii-Mote Holster

And much, much more awesomeness in the book!