Three years ago a Nintendo DS game titled Bangai-O Spirits took home the Mercury's totally-a-real-award-you-guys for "Best Game None of You Played (You Dicks!)."

I'm still kinda pissed at you for that.

Luckily you have a chance to redeem yourselves. D3Publisher has just released Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury on the Xbox Live Arcade, and it's got all the radass pyrotechnics, insane puzzles and frankly stupid amount of content you missed in 2008 for only $10.

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Radass pyrotechnics.
  • D3Publisher
  • Radass pyrotechnics.

If you do nothing else today — and that's pretty likely, isn't it? — give this game a shot. Double points for the first person to score an epileptic seizure.

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