You're late.
  • BioWare/EA
  • You're late.

At the risk of ruining whatever mid-day buzz you might be enjoying, I've got bad news: Mass Effect 3 has been delayed until sometime during "the first three months of 2012."

The BioWare/EA public relations collective is spinning this with the de rigueur condolences about how such a delay will allow the devs to make "Mass Effect 3 ... the biggest, boldest and best game in the series," but the mood of the Internet this morning is decidedly impatient.

And, of course, by "impatient" I mean, "angry nerds filling forums with swears until they inevitably forget about the whole thing three hours later and masturbate themselves into a sticky coma."

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But we're above that kind of petty shouting into the electronic ether, right Blogtown? We're all about polite discussion, learned counterpoints and the exaltation of man's power to reason! So affix your monocles, sip your Earl Grey and threaten to burn down BioWare HQ with as many syllables as you can manage!

You can do the coma thing afterwards.

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