SE Clinton "Bike Flags"


ugh.... Why?
@ Graham: I was thinking the same thing about your post.
Ugh...I hate accepting free federal money to improve visibility for all road users and help beautify neighborhood streets. Yuck.
@Oregometry: One person's "beautify neighborhood streets" is another person's "ugly kitschy shit that's going to be embarassing in six months".
Graham's comment #4 is almost correct. I think you meant to write "two months" @Graham.
@Graham: I was thinking the same thing about your birth.
I'm with Graham.
I wonder the costs...
Couldn't this $ have been used to pave that road in SE with the muddy duck pond in the middle of it?
Also, tweakers are going to destroy those SO FAST.
If we all vow to stop talking about bikes, maybe they will just become bikes again.
It's federally earmarked money mandated to be used for bikeway markings. So Another World Blog, short answer is no. Graham, Number Six and frankieb: would you rather they just painted annoyingly-colored stripes across roads like some cities do?

Also, yes, tweakers will have these down in no time.
Don't drag me into this shit youngster! (it's obvious). I am one hundred percent in favor of this! I am only stopping by to mock Graham.

-Number Six
Asshole, you are number five! Get off of my dick!
Federally earmarked money from the PBOT??
I think the toppers looks nice, and will be a nice complement to the stencils. The bike flags are a little much, though.
Strange how we can never seem to get any" federally-earmarked money" around here for things like ceiling tiles in schools, asphalt or anything other than ridiculous nonsense like this.

If this $ absolutely HAD to be spent on "bikeway markings," then why not more bike boxes or paint for bike lanes? This seems like a waste of cash.
c'mon, how much could that possibly cost? i'm sure we pay more for police overtime every last-thursday. should we cancel those also? maybe use that money to hire a new committee to talk about building another bridge.

don't get me wrong, it is ugly. but i'm sure the cost almost nothing
portland's annual budget for 2010: $358,078,406…

By my calculations, that equals .0003% of portland's annual budget.

not exactly policy changing numbers
And how many streets could they have paved with that money? Because even one block of going is worth a mile of those stupid signs.
It's a good thing none of you waste your precious time at ONI meetings or running for city council.
what is the expression?
"watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves" ??
don't forget to vote today on the over-half-billion the schools want.
don't forget to VOTE NO today on the over-half-billion the schools want.

"Before anyone goes off again on how this money was spent - please note, this is a Regional Arts Council grant. The money was required to be spent to improve aesthetics, and the public was specifically solicited to help determine how to leverage that to provide visual reminders of the bike aspects of the corridor in an attempt to increase driver awareness."
"regional arts council grant"
"federally earmarked money" (from the PBOT)

is it both somehow? please explain.

FYI, randerhunter, $10,000 wouldn't even pave 2 lanes in a city block.
Since the local counties, metro and city of portland give money to the RACC, I wonder still what percentage of these funds were put up by the public?
So, the PBOT - funded by us, and the RACC, largely funded by us, paid for this, correct?
"RACC board chair Carol R. Smith and executive director Eloise Damrosch shared highlights of the organizations’ annual report — available here. One of the early bar charts Damrosch shared: the city invested about $4.9 million in RACC last year, and RACC raised about $1.8 million in funds from other sources to provide $6.7 million in grants and services for the local arts community. "

So.... what does this tell you?
30 all for safety on public streets but its heinous looking. weee, we put bikes on things......
out of the $6.7 million they raised, they spent $.001 million on a public awareness campaign
No, they raised 1.8
And most of the public doesn't ride a bike just on SE Clinton either.