Though I'm not exactly enamored of your name, thank you, thank you, thank you Bro Bible for digging up this ancient copy of Burt Reynolds' 1972 book, Hot Line: The Letters I Get And Write. As you old-timers may remember, Reynolds was THE #1 sex symbol in the world at the time, and even posed nude in all his hairy glory for Cosmo.
Here's just one example of the awesome letters and responses from the book, all of which are simultaneously horny and awkward.


Excuse me? "WOMB BROOM"? A) Dibs on the band name! B) If there is a better name for cunnilingus than that, I'll eat your vagina. C) Sorry. Burt Reynolds does this to me.

Oh yes, there are more hilarious letters here! And check out the awesome cover of this book after the jump!