Oh noes! Two of our favorite longstanding Oregon institutions, Pendleton Woolen Mills and the Pendleton Roundup, are in a fight! After a century of collaboration, the tussle is over the weird cologne the Round-Up produced for the 100th anniversary of the annual rodeo, Let'er Buck! In the past the two Pendletons have collaborated, most relevantly with Pendleton whisky, when both cooperated to develop a family of products (whisky and blankets) with Hood River Distillers. But when the Round Up went to trademark the phrase "“Pendleton Round-Up” for use with the pungent cowboy spritz, the Woolen Mills served them with a suit claiming that the “defendant’s actions demonstrate an intentional, willful and malicious intent to trade on the goodwill associated with Pendleton’s (Woolen Mill) federally-registered Pendleton (trade)marks…” and making the case for "federal trademark infringement, unfair competition and trademark dilution." Speaking of dilution, I wonder if they wouldn't mind so much if the cologne in question was a little more subtle?