The American president is effecting something of a swagger in his latest international dalliances. First, Barack Obama stoop up to a roomful of pro-Israel lobbyists and stuck to his guns on turning the clock back to 1967. Then, he blithely looked at Pakistan, peeved over the Osama bin Laden raid, and coolly said he'd do it all over again.

And there's more detail on how the CIA did it the first time. Radar-invisible stealth drones were flown over bin Laden's compound for months before the raid, snapping detailed photos of the place, in a dramatic expansion of the drones' mostly unwelcome excursions into Pakistani air space. It's also been supposed the CIA had a friend inside bin Laden's home.

Bin Laden, meanwhile, with his "Killing the Infidels: 72 Super Tips for Success!" diary, was reportedly showing far less imagination than the newer, younger faces in the global jihad movement.

In Yemen, where months of protests have failed to quickly topple the autocratic government, gunmen losing patience surrounded a building where envoys and ambassadors and mediators from several Arab nations, the United States, and Europe had gathered to talk about transition. Helicopters had to rescue them.

Syrian soldiers ordered to gun down the relentless demonstrators in the repressive nation have been defying their commanding officers by capturing video of the military's slaughter of civilians.

Flying to Europe soon, fancy-pants? A year after an Icelandic volcano eruption loused up air travel for days and days, another Icelandic volcano has just sent up an even larger mushroom cloud of ash and gas.

A Saudi woman who filmed herself driving a car—and then posted the footage to YouTube—was arrested. Because our most favorite Middle Eastern ally—an austere, Islamist monarchy—doesn't allow women to drive, let alone leave home without written permission from a man.

One of the many white male Republicans from the vanilla Midwest rumored to be running for president says he isn't. His state his home to America's fattest city, incidentally.)

But someone from the much smaller pool of black Republicans in America says he is running.

"I don't understand
why nothing has happened." How doomsday was passed at Family Radio's headquarters.