Over on Questionland, we're assembling a crack-team of literary experts to provide personalized book recommendations for any taste—whether you're looking to stock up summer reading or delve into Portland's small press-poetry scene. On deck so far:

Chloe Eudaly, proprietress of indie small-press empire Reading Frenzy.

Kevin Sampsell, local author, Powell's employee, and publisher of Future Tense Books.

Michael Schaub, managing editor of Bookslut and book critic for fancy places like NPR.

Jacob Schraer, Merc books freelancer and longtime bookstore employee.

Alison Hallett, has read books #1-20 in Lilian Braun's "The Cat Who..." series.

Already, we're taking shots at this question:


So swing on over to ask us a question or provide an answer of your own. And let's not forget that we'll be giving out a Hot Lips gift card every Friday for the week's best Questionland question or answer. Pizza + Reading = Sort of like those library summer reading programs where you got rewarded for not having any friends and staying inside reading books all day! I miss those.