The Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture is going all-out next month with a "Geek Olympathon"—a two-day-long endurance test of roughly a billion "geeky contests and events held all over Portland." It'll happen June 11 and 12, and it sounds... intense. Via the official site:

For the duration of the designated weekend member organizations of the PGC3 will hold and house their own competitions and award tokens to winners. At the end of games on the first day, an interim party will be held at a location to be decided upon for teams to mingle and boast or lament their day’s performances. The games will commence the following day ending in the early evening. Teams will gather all of the tokens they have won at an awards ceremony called the “Award-a-thon.” Teams will be presented prizes for their overall performances throughout the entire event. This includes more unquantifiable achievements like great cosplay, best teamwork, most interesting shoelaces, coolest booger, and so on. There will be live contests at the awards ceremony as well as live performances by geek oriented talent.

Challenges include a bicycle race, a costume contest, "The Great Controller Untangle," a craft center for participants "to create their best artistic interpretation of the Fruity Oaty Bar girls from Joss Whedon’s Firefly series," that annoying dice game from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, a "Lego Build-off" and more, from simple nerd tasks ("a contestant from the team will gauge how quickly they can roll a critical hit on a 20 sided die") to more complex ones, like "Swords from Stones" at Excalibur Comics:

The contestants are given a clue by an Excalibur employee as for a comic book crossover story they must locate all the back issues for. Once they have found them, the number of issues they find will determine how many cards they get when they face Spock and Scotty in a game of Star Trek Uno.

That's, like, eight different sub-levels of nerdery. Once teams have collected all their points—just like the House Cup!—they'll be in the running for prizes that include a trip to Comic-Con and Timbers tickets.

Full details, a schedule, and registration stuff can be found over at the official site. Honestly, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all that the PGC3 is trying to do with this event—that's a lot of stuff going on at a lot of different places, and it'll require a whole lot of people to take part, plus it all comes right on the heels of another one of their ventures, Wonder Northwest. But hey, on the upside, they're ambitious, optimistic, and enthusiastic as hell. It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out.