It's official: The weird cop/fantasy/Grimm's Fairy Tales TV show, Grimm, which filmed its pilot in Portland earlier this spring is here to stay. Picked up by NBC for the fall lineup, it's set to start shooting 'round these parts in July, joining Leverage and Portlandia in breaking Portland's record of having three TV shows being filmed here simultaneously. In case you missed it earlier, here's the lengthy trailer:

So, yeah, pretty silly looking. Nonetheless, it's another notch on Portland's bed post in the television world, and clearly an awesome injection of jobs and spending in the city's economy. If we keep it up we're bound to see more and better productions choosing Portland as their stomping grounds. Either that or we become the de facto capital of B- and C-string entertainment, which has its own kind of cache too, I think. So Grimm: WELCOME!